If are college student and you have been arrested, CAM LAW focuses on protecting your prospect as a UWG student.  We understand that you and your family have the emotional stress, and this can affect your ability to dedicate yourself fully to your studies and the legal repercussions can have a lasting impact on your further. As a Carrollton native and criminal defense attorney, Cawanna A. McMichael “CAM” wants to assist you with your situation and help you regain a peace of mind to continue your studies and fight your case. 

Common crimes we help our student clients with are: 

Assault and Battery

Contributing to a delinquency of a minor

Criminal trespass

Disorderly Conduct

Drug Crimes such as possession of marijuana, methamphetamines, or other controlled substances

DUI, drug DUI, or underage DUI

Minor in possession of alcohol

Possession of fake ID

Public intoxication

Reckless driving

Theft Crimes and shoplifting

Urinating in public


If you were recently arrested, it is important that you acquire legal representation as soon as possible. CONTACT CAM LAW to schedule an initial consultation and get more information about your options