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What Form of Insurance Must Motorcycle Riders Need in Georgia?

In Georgia, anyone that operates a motor vehicle, or a motorcycle, must have minimum amounts of auto insurance coverage in case of motor vehicle accidents. These minimum requirements are the same whether you ride a motorcycle or drive a car. They will cover the costs you may be responsible for if you cause personal injuries or property damage to another person. At a minimum, you must have the following insurance coverage:

$50,000 – for every accident for injury or death

$25,000 – liability coverage for each individual for injury or death

$25,000 – property damage for each accident

You must show proof of your liability insurance coverage before you can even register your motorcycle. Aside from the minimum insurance requirements, you must also carry a valid Class M Instructional Permit or Class M License.

Top Tips for Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

5,458 motorcyclists lost their lives in motorcycle crashes in 2020. Our analysts found that it is not only a 9% increase from 2019, but it is also the highest number of motorcycle fatalities ever recorded. It is necessary for all automobile drivers to follow the rules of the road and keep a proper lookout for motorcyclists. Cooperation from all motorists and safe riding practices will significantly decrease the number of motorcycle injuries and deaths on America’s roadways. Having proper insurance coverage is vital. But you must also do your part to prevent injuries and crashes. Here are some safe riding tips when you are on your bike:

· Avoid distractions, stay alert, and always ride sober.

· Always wear a helmet.

· Wear proper clothing, closed-toe, sturdy shoes, and safety eyewear.

· Ensure that other motorists can see you. Keep your taillights, marker, and headlights on during dusk and in rainy or dark weather.

· When passing, always check the rearview mirror and turn your head quickly to make sure that the vehicle is at a safe distance away from you.

· Stay at least three seconds behind a car you want to pass. See if there’s oncoming traffic, make a signal before you turn, and check again for oncoming traffic before you pass.

Drivers sharing the road with motorcyclists must also take the following precautions to ensure the safety of all road users:

· Never drive while impaired or distracted.

· Check your mirrors before you change lanes if there is a motorcycle close by. It may be in a blind spot or difficult to see because of its small size.

· Give motorcyclists sufficient space to maneuver. Follow six seconds or more behind them.

· Do not share the lane with motorcyclists. Keep in mind that they have the same right to lanes as other motor vehicles.

· Give motorcyclists extra room for maneuvering in areas with railroad crossings, pavement transitions, and potholes. They may need to stop, slow down, or adjust their position.

Just like all the other motor vehicle drivers in Georgia, motorcyclists must also carry the minimum auto insurance limits to ride in the state. If you have sustained injuries in a motorcycle crash involving another motorcyclist or other motorist in Georgia, contact Cam Law today to find out more about your case.

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