Contempt of Court

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Does your former spouse do what he or she is supposed to do as ordered by the court? If not, you do have options.

The most common failure of one party is to fail to pay child support as he or she was ordered. Sometimes money is tight, and a non-custodial parent may get behind in making their child support payments. Sometimes they think that no one can make them do anything they do not want to do.

The courts are going to enforce their orders to ensure that a child or children have the support necessary to provide for them. If the non-custodial parent is in arrears, usually more than thirty (30) days, they may be subject to garnishment or contempt. Generally, the court will also award attorney fees in this type of case.

Did you know that you can have the employer of a non-custodial parent withhold wages for the payment of child support? This procedure requires an Income Deduction Order, commonly referred to as an IDO. The employer withholds wages and sends that money to Child Support Family Support Registry. Once you open an account, the money provided by the employer is placed into an account for your use and you are given what is essentially a debit card.

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