Beyond 100%

June 6, 2019

I met with Ms. McMichael for my son who was in jail. He made some bad choices and we were certain that he would be serving several years. I scheduled a consultation to meet with her and several other attorneys in town. I met with Ms. McMichael and cancelled all of the other appointments I had made. I felt she was the one! As it turned out, that was the best decision I could’ve made. Due to her intelligence, professionalism, diligence and determination my son was given a second chance to become a productive member of society (which he is doing). I can’t express my gratitude in words. I can only recommend Ms. McMichael to anyone needing legal representation. In my opinion she is, by far, the BEST criminal defense lawyer around.
Thank you, Ms. McMichael.

AWESOME experience

June 6, 2019

Ms. McMichael represented me on my DUI and from the start I knew she was the perfect attorney for my case! She got my charges dropped to reckless driving and I was able to keep my license!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Up Front Evaluation and Outcome

June 4, 2019

I contacted Ms. McMichael through word of mouth. I was picked up for a DUI which would have undoubtedly ended my career. I explained to her my circumstance, and she told me all the in’s ad out’s up front. There was no “bs” and the pricing was fair. She got my DUI reduced to a reckless driving as promised, and saved my hide.

Just simply amazing

May 15, 2019

Words cannot describe how honored I was to have Mrs. Cawanna represent me. I would recommend her to anyone out there that needs the job done. She’s very professional at everything she does & she always stays in touch to let you know how everything’s going. She has an amazing personality & she actually listens to what’s going on thoroughly. She definitely keeps her word as well. I’d definitely say she’s the BEST in all of the state of Georgia as well. So I would like to personally thank Mrs. Cawanna & her team for representing me & if I ever need her again I won’t hesitate to call

Highly Reccomend, Ms. McMichael is a saint!

April 17, 2019

My son got into some trouble and I needed help. I searched the web for a lawyer dealing with the same situation as my son. Very few lawyers popped-up but thankfully Ms. McMichael was one of them. He was being given an EXTREME punishment and Ms. McMichael pointed out all the wrong doing within the process of what my son was going through. I felt hopeless and helpless for my son as this was going to potentially ruin his future. She was able to get the punishment down to what we (my son and I) “expected” it to be or what we felt “fit” the crime AND we were able to get him back into school WIN WIN! I cannot express my gratitude towards Ms. McMichael…. she is very kind, friendly, understanding, caring, etc., etc. but she is also very knowledgeable and believe me when I say if there is something that comes across her table that she doesn’t know the most about…. SHE RESEARCHES! 🙂 She researches and gets the answers needed! She is also very fair on price as we didn’t have to go to “court” as expected but when we found out we no longer had to go to “court” she reduced the price accordingly (and that greatly helps a single mom!)!I hope I don’t need a lawyer in the future but if I do I will def. come back to Ms. McMichael. I cannot say enough about the great experience I had.

Ms. McMichael was truly Godsent. She is a very caring and dedicated Attorney.

April 5, 2019

I highly recommend Ms. McMichael. She was my son’s attorney. Because of his young age, she understood that the outcome of this situation could affect his life in the future. She was upfront and honest with us pertaining to the case, and did everything she could to make sure that whatever the outcome, he would still be able to have a productive future.
I always say Ms. McMichael was Godsent. We believe in prayer and we asked God to put people in our lives that could help our son. The Judge changed and his defense attorneys also kept changing, 4 times to be exact, with Ms. McMichael being the 4th. She accomplished what many people said was impossible. Even the DA and the judge had to admit that it was “divine intervention”.
Ms. McMichael is very professional and dedicated to her job and she cares about her clients. She stays in contact with you about everything that is going on. She will do her best to get the best outcome possible.
We are and will always be forever grateful to Ms. McMichael for what she did for us. My son will be graduating this year and he is very active in the Usher and Youth ministries at church. She gave my son a second chance for a bright future.

Ms. McMichael is my daughter’s attorney

March 30, 2019

I can’t say enough great things about Ms. McMichael. She defended my daughter in 2 seperate cases. Ms. McMichael got my daughter the best possible outcome. One charge completely dismissed. She is the attorney you want and need. Ms. McMichael is just an all around good person. Everything she said she would do, was done exactly as she said. My daughter was facing a year in prison and she is only serving a couple months in a boot camp. Ms. McMichael is upfront and honest, she is kind and caring. She is an amazing criminal defense attorney and I’m so proud she was there to defend my daughter.